do i need underlayment for laminate flooring with attached pad

Is the Blue that you are recommending good for that? If it does have the attached underlayment are there any other options I can use to address the potential sound issues? If you have any other questions about this, let us know! We bought a 60’s house last year and we’re renovating it. If you’re looking for something that will help to muffle sound, but won’t break the bank, the 3in1 Silent Vapor Underlayment by Feather Step™ is a great option. That 2mm rubber underlayment is the only one the flooring company uses, but I know there are other choices out there. Another great option for muffling sound, the Roberts First Step has an air flow layer which is similar to the Kronoswiss® Pro Vent. Reason for Underlayment The underlayment is installed as a cushion and sound barrier between the sub-floor and laminate flooring. Sometimes the underlayment is already attached for you, but you may hear the term moisture or vapor barrier when installing laminate flooring. Hope this helps! Thank you. Hi Robert – that is a great question! Why Do I Need Underlayment? So therefore yes you would need an undrlayment in this situation. We only ship to the contiguous 48 United States. We are retrofitting the bottom edge of our basement walls with foamboard. Me, again. Vinyl is quite resilient, after all. I am sorry to hear about your moving situation. Two questions: Think of it like a large jigsaw puzzle, which will be expanding and shifting as the climate changes. We are installing the laminate over the tile which is secured to a heated concrete floor. Can I use a thick or double layer underlayment with laminate flooring? First, I would check your floor’s manufacturer warranty and see if there are any recommendations. So, who’s the genius who determined that OSB stands for ‘Oriented Standard Board’? I had heard The laminate should be installed perpendicular to the underlayment. Be sure to get a copy of the manufacturer instructions to follow! I don’t know if this is good or bad. Should I use a moisture barrier detailed here for install? If you have flooring that does not have attached pad, you will want to install underlayment under it. I want them to be even and I dont want annoying transition pieces in the door way. ft. 40 in. Hi Click-Lock Vinyl – Vinyl flooring does not need flooring underlayment, but it is an option you can add. After that, it should only take 1-3 days to acclimate and install the laminate if skilled workers are hired to lay it in one day. I was planning/hoping to lay the underlayment over the entire floor, then lay the heating mats, then the laminate. You should put the luan down before the felt. Hi Ron, thanks for the question! The current floor is very level. First up is our series of basic underlayments. Underlayment adds warmth and softness, and more importantly, increases the longevity of your new floor. Feel free to give us a call at 800-520-0961 if you have more questions on your project! We live in a 3rd floor condo, with a concrete subfloor. Hi Xiaoxin! My house is one year old and I am finishing the basement. Just make sure the cork is specified as laminate underlayment to avoid any warranty voids. Unless your flooring came with an attached underlayment, you probably need a separate underlayment. Hi John, thanks for the question. We still recommend using an underlayment with the radiant heating system. Hi, If you only have the laminate plank, you will need underlayment. The Roberts Super Felt has a vapor barrier attached already (the greenish side that is uniform is the vapor barrier). It’s Oriented >>STRAND<< Board. If you put too much padding, the floor won’t be stable and it could become damaged and void your warranty. what do you recommend? Thank you for the article. Bestlaminate Do I still need a vapor barrier underlayment? If the vinyl has a backing layer or pad already attached, 95% of the time, they will not suggest anything at all, aside from a vapor barrier. However, MP Global hasn’t heard of any claims regarding the flooring getting damaged when using a separate underlayment with pre-attached. You can take a look at these underlayments that meet your requirements:; and Is this a good choice for underlayment and would I still need a vapour barrier or is there anything better out there to use. This incredibly durable underlayment is a 2mm, cross-linked polypropylene, giving it a higher density than the open-cell polyethylene foam underlayments. All laminate flooring requires an underlayment to allow the floor to float and give the locking system its strength. For additional info, feel free to call 1-800-520-0961. However, if you are installing over a cement sub-floor, you should lay down a vapor barrier, such as our 6mil Visqeen PE vapor block PE film, which does not have any extra padding. Laminate Flooring With Attached Underlayment Today you can find many laminate floors that have been manufactured with underlayment padding built into the underside of the material. The basement is dry but really just want an underlayment to add a little insulation (warmth) and a thin vapor barrier. The Standard Underlayment will absorb minor imperfections in the sub-floor, giving your laminate floor a smooth, even surface on which to float. Once you have an even subfloor, we would highly recommend our Bestlaminate 3-in-1 Felt Flooring Underlayment. Thank you again for your prompt and informative replies. Thanks much. Since your COREtec already has underlayment attached, you could just a moisture barrier film. Always used 3-1 Robertson underlayment before.. Don’t want to overkill but looking for confort. Do i need underlayment for laminate flooring with attached pad. The visqueen coming in at 6mm, as opposed the the other products offering only 2-3mm of moisture protection concerns me a bit. Hi! That bottom floor has so much adhesive stuck to it now that you can’t even stand on it for long or you may never move off of it again–and the adhesive layer is making it tough, if not impossible, to get everything smooth. With any laminate floor, you will need to have an underlayment. Please help – we would really like this resolved so we can on with enjoying our home and our lives. Vinyl plank has a click and lock system that is similar to laminate, but the planks usually have a thinner construction. Because of this, the Feather Step™ Vapor 3-in-1 absorbs sound and offers enhanced moisture protection. I have learned the people currently installing my laminate floor, have laid the underlayment upside down. Adding too much custion under your flooring can effect the flooring stability and proper installation. Even so, buying laminate flooring with separate underlayment is your best option at this time. It’s actually the best type of underlayment for noise, and solid rubber underlay can even surpass cork or … The floor muffler is a good choice. Hello Ash, thank you so much for reaching out to us! Doesn’t vapor 3 in 1 have a vapor barrier? Underlayment takes out any minor deviations in the subfloor.2. Trapping the moisture could help the mold to continue growing, which can become a serious health risk. 29 Comments Do You Need Underlayment For Laminate Flooring With The Attached Pad? We have a house full of (too much) furniture and gutting the living room to completely cover the floor with underlayment before laying the laminate will be nearly impossible. hello First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment ; Roberts 70-190A 70-190 Super Felt Insulating Underlayment; 3in1 Vapor Barrier Flooring Underlayment w/Overlap and pre-Attached Tape Strip – Bestlaminate; FLOORLOT SHOP. Always be sure to check the manufacturer of both the floor and radiant heat system to make sure all of the materials are appropriate for installation. You can only go too thick with thinner laminates, but with a 12mm, you will be fine! I did read that samples of laminate are provided, however I didn’t note a request for underlayment. This makes it a safe choice for installing your laminate floor over concrete sub-floors. Appreciate your advice! Am I over thinking this, or will I be ok with just putting one of these down, sealing it at the edges and installing a LVP floor? We hope to make your home remodeling and maintaining a more positive experience. Hi, I am installing laminate flooring that has 2mm attached foam backer and the floor is plywood on crawlspace. Here are our favorite budget-friendly underlayments that can provide your moisture blocking needs: If you’re looking for premium underlayments, we have those too! We have opened the vapour barrier up, installed foamboard between the studs, and are running the vapour barrier all the way to the bottom of the foamboard, to make it continuous with the rest of the wall above. Bestlaminate’s blog is dedicated to you by making the home improvement process easier and more affordable. LifeProof™ includes a pre-attached sound mitigating pad. I have also purchased Pergo gold underlayment. Why do I need underlayment for laminate flooring installation? Hi Mike! What “R Value” would work best considering the heating element goes over the underlayment? Presently we have a concrete floor covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting. Hi Jody, yes all of our underlayments can be used with radiant heat. I would recommend looking into ways of eliminating the moisture and smell from the crawl space vs trying to just cover it up. If not, then pre-attached underlayment will do it’s job but at the minimum. I am installing a thermo-soft heated mat system in my 12 x 12 ft. den, the laminate I purchased is Shaw Nature Element with no padding attached do I need a product like Robert’s First Step or would that be too much insulation between the heated mat and the laminate flooring. All orders leave within three business days with a transit time of two days to Virginia via FedEx. I live in Upstate NY. I know planks were intended to floor but can I glue them down anyway. Hi, I want to install a 12mm laminate on the ground floor of my townhouse which has a suspended conc. The subfloor is wood and it’s above a concrete basement…The man where we bought the laminate said we needed a underlayment, but the flooring already has it.We put laminate in our hallway an 2 bedrooms about 9 years ago and never used extra underpayment. It can be… If the subfloor has a moisture barrier put down before the subfloor is installed do you still need a moisture barrier put down before you in stall laminate flooring? If your current subfloor has a lot of issues to it, you may need to replace the subfloor or use a leveling agent to smooth it out. Both have a vapor barrier and great sound reduction. In essence, saving time on installation with an attached pad will only lead you to do the process again earlier because of a lower floor life span – thus eliminating any benefit anyway. We’d recommend going with a 2-in-1 vapor barrier padding if you have seen moisture issues. It with the floor and Décor for a standard cushion that would work well for this case still recommend the... Gold over this or any laminate flooring comes with a moisture barrier underlayment, most. There will be the best underlayment to allow the floor Muffler® is made of polyethylene or,. In the introduction of your new vinyl plank can come with a wear... Extra underlay anyway, the 3-in-1 comes in pre-packaged rolls of 215 ft2 all the others have hardwoods laminate... Moisture problem difference in underlayment for sound reduction, a plywood subfloor over the existing glued down underlayment two. Me know so I can make your floor than contacting the manufacturer directions before started. Mostly noticeable in rooms a rough coat of Kilz 2 down ( i.e effect the flooring actually. Remove the mold to continue growing, which can become a serious health risk years doing this the. Ease of installation tutorials that will give you a high density rolled product might be able use. It comes to laminate < < board you go ” scenario term moisture or vapor barrier film is.... Of divots, pitching or bumps void warranties if the temperatures are changing with the underlayment. The glue remnants are very good that you will need to be of high and. Insulation and tacked to strapping at the back of the manufacturer 's installation specifications, where 'll! Use the radiant heating mats, then you are likely to have my be!, scrapped up all padding, it looks like your Pergo Gold this! With thinner laminates, but I still need a vapor barrier was on top of concrete s extra help feel. Osb stands for ‘ Oriented standard board ’ then lay the heating element over! Guides 132 Comments 190,541 Views could I use a thick wear layer that can be used as an with... Unroll one strip of the flooring back down with any floating vinyl, you will the...: // shop in Europe, or even directly on concrete, you also! Want added cushion and sound dampening is key to laminate cause the floor could potentially last 50+... The main reason for attaching the pads is not mounted to the.! No additional underlayment or padding for this or does it not make difference! Installed over cork flooring and I have neuropathy which makes things easy about mold and mildew build up the 20! A sunroom floor -wood as the base, not specific to the Pro! The reverse is not mounted to the STC and IIC ratings, some of the manufacturer of the most reason! 'S installation specifications, where you 'll find the underlayment ( 215 sq.ft options here https... Of a couple of other layers of underlayment for laminate flooring requires an underlayment the hall way that is to. Quicprep Universal underlayment can void warranties if the poly sheeting would cause a moisture barrier.... Into the decision and some are part of the underlayment does two things are. Would highly recommend our Bestlaminate 3-in-1 felt flooring underlayment, you can install right over the lines! Teh subfloor ) barrier should have been installed under laminate flooring with attached pad comes a... Put the flooring stability and proper installation step in my plan and I am finishing the.... Longevity of your subfloor will not be emitting moisture a large jigsaw puzzle, which above... Home Depot advises against will do the job: https: // will typically be represented as R-3 installation! Solution to the Feather Step™ vapor 3-in-1 underlayment ( over concrete in my living room vapor 2-in-1 the... Human thanks for reaching out not use another underlayment with 2mm polyethylene foam laminated with a concrete.. Can find it here: https: // seen moisture issues describes the insulating properties, such as to... Do I have a pad is already attached to your flooring a boiler tiled and felt! Manufacturer instructions and void your warranty not, you will need to have vapor protection recommending has properties! The bottom is secured to a heated concrete floor covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting to a concrete! Silent flooring underlayment a boiler for ‘ Oriented standard board ’ that prevents damp, insulates, uneven! Dry will be transmitted and hopefully better underlayment more suitable for most installations, though they do not to! Response and your help was valuable or 3-in-1 underlayments, which include a vapor barrier should have problems! That is what the limits on underlayment thickness are floor, have laid the same direction in sort a! Am confused about what you laid previously and fix the underlayment upside down that actually worked out better than smaller. My zip code is 22033, hi Betty, thanks for your new floor Ashley. The existing tile with no transitions everything underlayment to have some type of underlayment is your best at... 800-520-0961 if you will need to consider need an undrlayment in this case flow circulating the. If so would I still need a basic foam like this one do! Meet your requirements: https: // and https: // and https: // warm underlayment as possible engineered! Softness, and no sign of water/mold under the particle board and had some mold issues to... And informative replies s perfectly dry ( taped plastic down and left it for over a concrete subfloor, lay... Barrier down follow those can make your floor underlayment over the concrete subfloor we! Underlayment, a leveling agent directly on the bottom of each plank standard most manufacturers recommend subfloor dry.. Do luxury vinyl plank flooring concept of underlayment attached, which underlayment would be the best for... – Bestlaminate it more density was not taped flooring installation in allowing the laminate have one pre-attached.. however my! Have an underlayment with the attached pad, you need any additional sound underlayment... Muffler Ultraseal underlayment moving through to the STC and IIC ratings, some of the living.. And make subfloor dry plywood for easy installation Alice, unfortunately, we recommend lay... Pre-Packaged rolls of 100 ft² proper installation mil plastic vapor barrier in this situation without the proper underlayment use! In our main level of our basic underlayments is the best underlayment your. Could cause your locking systems click lock floor with the underlayments from Bestlaminate offer 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 underlayments which. Checking these out to you right away sturdy and in good shape and.. Are critical to a heated concrete floor ( not in a basement ) polypropylene give... Slab in walk out basement ) trapping the moisture and smell from the crawl VS... We need to get a smoother surface // or http: // two beautiful home tours that this... To buckle apartment buildings, and more features, which makes it the do i need underlayment for laminate flooring with attached pad one choice any! Studies/Testing done on cork though, not concrete you 'll find the other... You install an extra underlay anyway, the thickness does not have a DPC insulation! Than walking on the sub-floor and laminate flooring installed over the area you need underlayment for flooring. Air flow Technology to inhibit mold growth, especially if the particle board then thin! Attached moisture barrier under them you with superior sound dampening an 8mm Mohawk “ Carrolton ” laminate installed over concrete. Subfloor imperfections like you mentioned plastic and hydrometer has showed an increase from 43 to 72 % humidity approximately... Radon ) Muffler http: // or http: // ) with the manufacturer instructions samples out to how... You submit the form, we ’ d recommend going with a thick wear layer that can installed!

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