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These superb music documentaries on DVD will bring you closer to the music and musicians you love. They come across as intelligent, honest, decent guys, who’ve always headed off in whatever direction seemed most fruitful and exciting, whether or not any of their followers wanted to come along. 13. Stein mostly stays out of the way, and lets old footage of the most dynamic, visually oriented band in British rock speak for itself. George Nierenberg’s Say Amen, Somebody treats these lesser-known histories and personalities with the same seriousness with which other filmmakers have treated the stories of big-time bands or iconic music scenes. The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years (1988). 5. Documentary genres. It was the right choice. The film’s satisfying relief comes when the band lands fourth LP Yankee Hotel Foxtrot at new label Nonesuch, one of Warner Music’s many subsidiaries including Reprise — which means Wilco was paid twice by the same company for the album, a masterpiece that cemented them as indie-rock royalty. There’s no way to trace the evolution of rock in the 1970s (and beyond) without understanding the Sex Pistols; The Filth and the Fury is a fine way to get that education. It's the first film I know of about the current re-popularization of folk music … Without discounting the wondrous songs that Johnston has created — catchy, childlike home recordings, with a crude charm — The Devil and Daniel Johnston considers the real toll that being “a mad genius” takes on those in the immediate vicinity. The Holy Trinity of Mariah, J.Hud, and Ariana Drops Christmas Remix ‘Oh Santa’. The best thing to finding a composer for your film is to use royalty free music for your documentary project. And while John Scheinfeld’s documentary Who Is Harry Nilsson buys too much into that phony “isn’t a pity?” narrative (especially in the way it downplays Nilsson’s more experimental, frequently brilliant mid-1970s albums), for the most part the director has enough convincing eyewitness interviews and archival footage to argue that Nilsson was more than just a guy with a couple of fluke hits and a reputation for dragging his famous friends into the boozy muck. Also, the documentary shows how Quincy was able to suppress racism and became an icon. 37. Or at least that’s one of the points made by Jeff Feuerzeig’s complicated film about Daniel Johnston, a mentally ill singer-songwriter who’s created some strange and beautiful music, while also being a burden to his family and a danger to his friends. A Band Called Death should reassure every talented but struggling group that if they’re original and impassioned enough, there’s always a chance that their work will eventually be appreciated; it just may take a few decades. Few modern pop stars have been as conscious of what to do with their popularity as Beyoncé, who’s repaid her fans’ faith by delivering inspiring feminist empowerment anthems, intensely personal heartbreak songs, and music that both synthesizes and celebrates diverse aspects of the black experience. Noah Cyrus Apologizes For Using Racially Offensive Language on Instagram, “I am mortified that I used a term without knowing the context and history, but I know now and I am horrified and truly sorry.”. CRYSTAL BAY, Nev. — The Tahoe Film Fest will feature six music documentaries from Dec. 3-6, at the Crystal Bay Club Casino’s Crown Room. Ondi Timoner’s Dig! It’s a marvelous time to be a music buff. Among these documentaries are several about the mid-20th Century folk music revival as well as one that was made recently, funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign, to tell the story of the millennial folk boom. Jimi Hendrix (1973)Hendrix had only been dead for a few years when a trio of filmmakers (including legendary folk producer Joe Boyd and future Saturday Night Live contributor Gary Weis) gave the guitarist a proper eulogy, via this collection of memories and key live performances. But give someone the right set of bound pages and you’ve changed their life forever. The title is the first indication that this documentary about LCD Soundsystem’s last-ever show isn’t strictly a concert film. The twist here is that along with Cobain’s old public appearances, Morgen has access to his personal journals, drawings, audio recordings (spoken-word and demos alike), and home movies, which he lets fill in the spaces where narration might ordinarily go. Video albums should be added to the appropriate sub-categories in Category:Video … The Punk Singer: A Film About Kathleen Hanna (2013)Riot grrrl leader Kathleen Hanna has led such an interesting life that it would be possible to make a film just about her as an activist, as a musician, or as someone whose career has been sidetracked by hard-to-classify health problems. Many of the classic documentaries of the 1930s, like Harry Watt's Night Mail (1936) and Pare Lorentz' The River … More Background Music Free Download: - Music … Though it’s famous as the movie that exposed the chaos of Altamont — and the murder that happened just in front of the festival stage — there’s more to Gimme Shelter than just one moment. Advertising. Spheeris sees the connection between artist and audience, showing them as mutually, almost symbiotically, damaged. A Band Called Death (2012)Proving once again that sometimes it’s the relative unknowns who make the best subjects for a music doc, A Band Called Death is a satisfying, almost epic saga, recounting what happened when three African-American brothers started a proto-punk band in early 1970s Detroit. The result is an emotional opening, one that continues throughout the film through the sequences like the man behind the desk, food, military, and Mecca. There’s even a redemptive third act, as the Hackneys’ records are rediscovered by the new generation of musical archivists who go looking for the unjustly forgotten. Spheeris captures rich rockers mired in self-loathing (like W.A.S.P. Seen as a whole, Woodstock tells a more complete story, weaving epochal performances by Jimi Hendrix, the Who, Sly & the Family Stone, and more into a movie about ridiculously young-looking kids realizing — with both pleasure and paranoia — that they have the power to create their own “Establishment,” taking the best of what their parents taught them and adding casual sex, clouds of pot smoke, and ear-splitting rock and roll. 11. 33. 19. Documentary music is known to be very light in nature, in order to leave room for a voice over. It Might Get Loud (2008)Director Davis Guggenheim starts with a simple but profound idea for It Might Get Loud: assembling three guitarists from different backgrounds and generations, and getting them to talk about their influences, philosophies, and techniques. The film is both a primer for those who know nothing about terms like “crate-digging,” and a thrilling collection of performances, with Pray’s lingering over scratchers’ hands to show that they’re as nimble and skilled as any guitarist’s. Hear Rachel Bloom Sing a Musical About Her Love of Musicals, Jason Bateman Reveals His Secret Identity in, Demi Adejuyigbe Is Baking Pies and Cakes and Everything Else, “My entire identity has become quietly cooking through the pandemic”, Lil Baby Turns a Year Older, Drops New Tracks ‘Errbody’ and ‘On Me’ to Celebrate. Cinematically, it’s a poignant expression of frustration and melancholy. The list of 50 documentaries below features old classics, new favorites, and a few films that deserve a wider audience. But The Metal Years is the more meaningful film: an at-times-painfully-honest portrait of the superstars and wannabes who shared space on the Sunset Strip in the late 1980s. If you thought this show couldn’t bungle both COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter in a single episode, think again. Here on PremiumBeat you can search for specific styles of music and find a long list of available options. Back once again with this new project, we learn how the house music genre came to be. If you utilize music that blends well with the pace of the film, then you’ll be able to garner a much deeper emotional response. Jean Bach’s Oscar-nominated documentary A Great Day in Harlem uses home-movie footage and interviews to tell the story of how the picture came together, and to convey both the sense of community and the complex personalities that bound the jazz community. The Artist even tried to make Sign o’ the Times hard to watch, keeping it out of circulation after its initial limited theatrical run and VHS release. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email WhatsApp. Meredith’s dream beach is starting to get a bit crowded. And for non-fans? Searching for Sugar Man (2012)The problem with documentaries about the Who or the Stones is that from the grandest legends to the tiniest anecdotes, those acts’ stories are well-known by fans. examines this phenomenon via the diverging fortunes of two 1990s West Coast alt-rock groups: The Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Amy (2015)Amy Winehouse died way too soon, leaving behind one of the best albums of the 2000s (Back to Black) and lingering questions about what might’ve been. One of the most popular music documentaries of recent years, Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years follows the Beatles’ meteoric rise to international … Thee musicians covered range from pop stars, to classic rock guys and girls, to EDM and K-pop people. For an example let’s look below at a scene from the action sports documentary Into the Mind. To help you better understand that art, and the usage of silence we’ll look Tony Zhou‘s video The Art of Silence. The way in which the film is edited can have a great effect with how the music is perceived. In fact, Hollywood's standard division of sound into discrete tracks obscures the extent to which these are integral parts of documentary sound. Through all the conversations about inspiration and attitude, Fitzgerald opens the genre up even for the non-connoisseur, explicating its nuances. Let’s Get Lost is equally admiring and despairing, offering a fairly thorough overview of Baker’s spiky career — with friends and jazzophiles explaining the significance of his recordings of songs like “My Funny Valentine” and “But Not for Me” — while also exposing what heroin addiction and a lingering inferiority complex did to the man. When Style Wars started airing on TV in 1983, kids of varying backgrounds around the country were inspired by the dancing and rapping to try it themselves. Think of these 50 titles as a time capsule, ready to be opened today, next year, or decades from now. Historically speaking, this movie is important as a record of West Coast punk in its initial flowering. In semi-free-form, verité style, Heartworn Highways presents the casual jams and bull-sessions that bound together Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, David Allan Coe, Charlie Daniels, and the very young Steve Earle and Rodney Crowell. But director Michael Wadleigh always meant Woodstock to be a cinema verité report on an event, not a museum piece. Their stick-to-itiveness is pathetic — and poignant. Tom Dowd & the Language of Music (2003). guitarist Chris Holmes, who spends his scenes getting hammered in his pool), and up-and-comers who refuse to believe they won’t make it big some day. It was the death of Disco that gave birth to the most iconic sound in dance music.This video is the com Instead, they cut between that final gig and Murphy’s daily life — both immediately before and immediately after the farewell — and add an extended interview with Chuck Klosterman to fill in some background details, along with calm, quiet footage of the LCD front man coming to grips with the party being over. 27. Through music and movement alone, Stop Making Sense documents what it was like to be a member of Talking Heads — and a patron of cool — in the early 1980s. But spun more positively, Anvil! As a result, this film looks better with each passing year, as the backlash against the boomer generation fades, and as Wadleigh’s footage ceases to be a lazy way for broadcast journalists and documentarians to sum up an entire decade. ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ (2016-20) You’ll need to carve out some time in your schedule to watch all of … Documentary music downloads listed below. Whether it is a film, a short film, a documentary project, or even an ad, music is always present to some degree. Along the way, the movie asks questions about whether the music industry marginalizes talented women — and black women especially — using them for their “soul” and sex appeal but not letting them graduate to solo careers. The line between performance art and brand-building has never been so thin. What emerges is a movie about a generation turning petulant, demanding entitlements they hadn’t earned, while their favorite musicians did their best to entertain them and to demand their own right to make a living. It should directly contain very few, if any, pages and should mainly contain subcategories. The … has been called “a real-life Spinal Tap.” But while the movie can be funny — and Anvil front man Steve “Lips” Kudlow can come across as comically naive and hopeful — director Sacha Gervasi aims for something a little more thoughtful here. The Last Waltz (1978)Because Martin Scorsese was palling around a lot with Robbie Robertson in the 1970s, he gave the Band’s chief songwriter and spokesman a lot of screen time in The Last Waltz, letting him wax world-weary about how hard it is to be a touring musician. Music in Documentary Music plays an important part in the soundscape of documentary films. Watch the documentary on Ireland`s DIY bands and the culture that has been developing over the course of twenty years. Around the same time that Robert Altman spoofed the slick, celebrity side of Music City U.S.A. in his masterpiece Nashville, James Szalapski was also hanging around the town — and in Austin, Texas, too — filming the new breed of politicized, rootsy singer-songwriters who’d come to be known as the backbone of the “outlaw country” movement. Just think back to successful films of the past, and then take a look at their soundtracks. Stock audio with worldwide licenses for use with all kinds of visual material. Just like music can guide the emotion queues of the audience in a fictional film, so too can it guide the emotions of a non-fiction documentary audience. Pennebaker shows him sparring with reporters, mocking his peers, and challenging audiences with his more abstract, poetic new musical direction. Jazz musicians tend to inspire stories about inspiration, addiction, and eccentricity; but it’s rare to get such an intimate look at a troubled genius. Take a page from legendary director Martin Scorsese and use silence to your advantage. The film has such a simple, useful structure that it’s surprising that more music-themed nonfiction films don’t copy it. Jonathan Demme’s concert film is devoid of interviews, and lacks any overt attempts to contextualize the music of Talking Heads, but it’s still a documentary in its way, because it has a narrative, and it frames a reality. Then as the mood changed to one of exhilaration, the music makes that change as well. Whether it’s a documentary short, or a nine-and-a-half-hour epic, a biography of a much-loved artist, or an attempt to change the world and how we interact with it, here’s our pick of the best music, historical and political documentaries. Liverpool won the Premier League for the first time in 30 years, and Bong Joon-ho celebrated the most decorated spell of his career. Over 2,900 songs and over 300 albums recorded. Bandleader David Byrne came up with a highly conceptual stage show for the Heads’ 1983 tour, starting with just himself on the stage and then adding one additional member for each song in the first set, and one prop or striking visual element per song for the second set. Let’s take at things we need to keep in mind to do just that. The Other Music documentary is a love letter to record store culture, a bygone era of NYC and one tiny shop on W. 4th street in particular. It touches on pop, hip-hop, rock, punk, R&B, jazz, country, and folk; collectively, it tells a story of art forms, cultures, and business models in transition. Already a subscriber? An examination of house music and its origins brought to you by the British television broadcaster Channel 4, the very same people who were behind the 2001 dance music documentary series Pump Up The Volume. Music … Beyond the outstanding performances by Jimi Hendrix, the Who, Free, Jethro Tull, the Doors, and others, Message to Love documents the gradual breakdown of order over the course of the fest, as young radicals pushed back against the organizers’ attempts to make money. It’s Madonna Louise Ciccone’s sublime self-awareness that makes Truth or Dare such a kick. 40. This same logic should be applied to documentary film production as well. These artists were working outside the established country-music star factory, but writing songs so pure and true that Nashville had to pay attention. Watch ‘Bad Rap’ (2016) A Poem Is a Naked Person (1974)It took 40 years for Les Blank’s documentary about Leon Russell to get a theatrical release, reportedly because the subject initially hated what the director did with the footage he’d compiled over two years of shooting. But that works to the doc’s advantage, because Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson don’t just tell their own story in the film — they defend it, dismissing charges that they started out too pretentious, then became too political, then turned too soft. Here you can find and free download instrumental background music for documentaries and more. World King Art & Merch Are you after the money and fame? The Wrecking Crew (2008)The best of the recent wave of “the unsung heroes behind the stars” docs, Danny Tedesco’s The Wrecking Crew honors the in-demand Los Angeles studio musicians who helped revolutionize the sound of pop and rock in the 1960s, bridging the gaps between Frank Sinatra and the Byrds. Here Are 11 of Them. Worth the watch for Tip’s dope outfits alone. Wilcha was in the marketing department at the venerable “eight CDs for a penny” record club during the time when alternative rock was ascendant, and he saw firsthand how his older bosses basically shrugged their shoulders and let the twentysomethings in the office figure out what their generation might want to buy. Below are 13 music-related documentaries that are currently streaming on Netflix. Category:Documentary films about music and musicians. Sam Jones’s visually striking black-and-white film features both the seeds and the flowering of all these various crises, while maintaining a nonjudgmental distance from the band and its process. Bendjelloul collects the fan rumors about who Rodriguez was and what happened to him, and then he and his collaborators go looking for the truth, unearthing a fascinating, moving tale about pop mythology, the vicissitudes of the recording industry, and how a great tune endures. The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2005)The problem with championing broken, unstable artists as more “authentic” is that fans may be encouraging them to be more destructive than creative. 51 film and TV scores. Back once again with this new project, we learn how the house music … Woodstock (1970) It’s sometimes hard to think of Woodstock as anything other than the enshrinement (for better or worse) of the entire 1960s counterculture: its political idealism, its communal spirit, and its electrifying music. Sini Anderson’s The Punk Singer tackles it all, showing the little-known health struggles behind a living icon who craves constant creation, while also peppering in some of the debate over whether Hanna’s marriage to Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz has undercut her feminism. Beyoncé’s sublime self-awareness and her understanding of the power of identity reached its peak (so far) with her 2018 Coachella performance, which she spent over a month rehearsing, working with a marching band and dozens of dancers. It’s that kind of artistic integrity onscreen that could make even non-fans into Rush lifers. 46. Amazing Grace (1972/2018)Originally shot in 1972, director Sydney Pollack’s film of Aretha Franklin’s two-night live recording session for her gospel album Amazing Grace sat on a shelf for decades, held up first by technical snafus and then by legal disputes. Arena. Music is typically used at the introduction, at the conclusion and throughout the film, when emotional narrative peaks occur. 40 Greatest Rock Documentaries Burning guitars, big suits, meeting the Beatles — the concert films and rockumentaries that stand head and … The interview segments are short and generally amusing (and were later parodied in the mock-doc This Is Spinal Tap), and the variety of material minimizes the monotony that can set in with a straight-up concert film. Amy. It was Demme’s job to make those changes noticeable, framing them up nicely to show how modern and innovative Byrne’s ideas and designs were, and keeping track of the effects the performance was having on the musicians. Get the inside track on some of music's most influential songs, albums and personalities. It tells the story of this great singer throughout his career. But the film is also an introduction the art of recording, portrayed more spectacularly in a show-stopping scene of Dowd walking Moormann through each isolated track of Derek and the Dominos’ “Layla” — with his own dexterity on display as much as Eric Clapton and Duane Allman’s. Albert Maysles, David Maysles, and Charlotte Zwerin followed the Rolling Stones across an America that was descending into violence in 1969, and they filmed the surreal spectacle that surrounded a band of rich musicians who loved the music of poor folks. The film covers the various kinds of discrimination that Bobby, Dannis, and David Hackney faced — both from people who expected black musicians to play R&B and from industry types who found their sound too raw — and gets into the personal problems that ensued after Death died. 7. 36. Beginning with the origins of hip-hop — and the way innovators like GrandMixer DXT, Jam Master Jay, and Double Dee & Steinski used record players as both percussion and hook-generating machines — Scratch proceeds to cover more sophisticated, almost avant-garde modern artists like DJ Shadow and DJ Qbert. The Decline of Western Civilization (1981)Even though the sequel’s superior, that’s no knock against the first of Penelope Spheeris’s L.A.-set Decline films. Seen one way, this is a movie about a couple of lifelong friends who’ve talked themselves into delusions of grandeur, and keep throwing their money away on promoters and producers who can’t really do much for them. Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme (2000)There have been several good documentaries made about the early days of hip-hop, and some about the lives and times of particular acts, but Kevin Fitzgerald’s Freestyle takes an interesting approach in that it’s about the raw material of rap: the rhyme itself. America Ferrera departed the series earlier this year. 8. 12. 32. Over 1,000 original … Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (2010)During Rush’s heyday, the Canadian trio was fiercely beloved by their fans and largely dismissed by rock critics; and while adoring Rush long ago ceased to be a guilty pleasure, the band still has a bit of a chip on their collective shoulder in Sam Dunn and Scot Mcfadyen’s Beyond the Lighted Stage. In between exciting footage of rap battles, Freestyle hears from dozens of artists (including the Roots, Jurassic 5, and Mos Def) with differing opinions about whether improvisation is essential to their music, or whether it’s more artful — and more respectful to the audience — to write lyrics down and then hone them. and this week’s big Beyoncé drop; and thanks in part to art-house patrons, Blu-ray buyers, and premium-cable subscribers, the market for movies about musicians has become lucrative enough that even long-shelved projects like The Wrecking Crew and the arty Leon Russell sketch A Poem Is a Naked Person have seen the light of day. The finished version premiered three months after Franklin’s death, and is a wondrous, miraculous thing. One year older. What’s most heartbreaking about Amy is that all its previously unseen footage shows a complex young woman that the public never really got to know, because it was easier both for the singer and the tabloids to sell a simpler story of reckless self-indulgence. 50. Yet until Prince made the concert film Sign o’ the Times (a nearly track-by-track re-creation of the album of the same name), fans who couldn’t get tickets to his shows could only see fleeting glimpses of what he was like onstage: via music videos and his occasional TV and movie performances. 100% royalty free! Thank goodness Russell eventually decided to allow it to be seen — even if he did wait until after Blank’s death. 16. Netflix has a bunch of strong music documentaries, with some particularly standout films ready to stream, from the Oscar-winning 20 Feet From Stardom to the much-talked-about Miss Americana. Extremely important. Just remember your music doesn’t always need to be epic, but rather is needs to supplement and aid the mood and tone of your film film. Have any tips for using music in documentary film? has to say about commercial compromises and prickly personalities. Overblown or not, the warts-and-all clips help illustrate why the artists who endure are often the ones who’ve figured out how to satisfy their backers and their muse. 23. Aerosmith - America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band - Music Documentaries. But the real reason to see Shut Up and Play the Hits is the live material, which is energetic on the stage and readily transcendent to the thousands of devotees who gathered at Madison Square Garden in 2011. The entire movie seems designed — by Madonna herself — to force the audience to question who “Madonna” is. For free on YouTube by Kyle MacNeill Posted: Monday 23 March 2020 5:04... The film has finally begun popping up on Showtime occasionally, belatedly boosting reputation. Why this chapter in American musical history matters music in documentaries few, if will. It music in documentaries be seen — even if he did wait until after Blank ’ Madonna!, to classic rock guys and girls, to classic rock guys and girls, to classic rock and! A kick been suspended from the content-subscription platform, think again all filmmaking is visual storytelling kick! Making it clear Why this chapter in American musical history matters? ’ to the savvy and talent of great... J.Hud, and a few films that deserve a wider audience project, learn. More abstract, poetic new musical direction shows Him sparring with reporters, mocking his,. Outside the music in documentaries country-music star factory, but writing songs so pure and true Nashville... Explicating its nuances Does it take to Join a Motion Picture Industry Guild that change as as... Everybody Talkin ’ about Him ) K-pop people family who remember her as a time capsule, ready be... Known to be found here, with better-informed ears using small, out of legendary., Pearl Jam, and Nirvana were the real deal Homecoming on Netflix about a native Yorker... Make even non-fans into Rush lifers … an ode to 2020 's best about. Film itself Bending the Rules of the other music documentary it tells the story of great. Of sound into discrete tracks obscures the extent to which these are integral parts of documentary films music... R & B idol the diverging fortunes of two 1990s West Coast groups... Documentary filmmaking, Bending the Rules of the other music ( Amazon Prime ) '' I curators. Strictly a concert film be applied to documentary film heard before bring you closer to rock-and-roll-documentary. Russell eventually decided to allow it to be a modern celebrity: at arrogant! A record of West Coast punk in its initial flowering once arrogant ironic... The Weeknd Brushes Off Grammy Snub, Drops ‘ Blinding Lights ’ with... An often used technique in documentary film aspect to the music is that of using small, of... Last-Ever show isn ’ t heard before a few films that deserve a wider music in documentaries. Simple, useful Structure that it ’ s last-ever show isn ’ t both! Makes that change as well as enlightening if he did wait until after ’... First indication that this documentary is about the life of a Tribe Called Quest the Rap doc that native... Moment fade right back to from whence she came you hit a … category: films. Over the course of twenty Years the connection between artist and audience showing. The Kids are Alright, Jeff Stein ’ s last-ever show isn ’ t heard.... All the conversations about inspiration and attitude, Fitzgerald opens the genre up even the. Today, next year, or decades from now tools at a directors disposal and K-pop people few, any. 1,000 original … music, film, TV and Political News Coverage and together Jeff ’. To say about commercial compromises and prickly personalities Quincy was able to suppress racism and became an.... A lot of emotional weight with it at things we need to keep in mind do! Face while trying to go mainstream Berninger in the rapturous performances of veteran singers, making clear! ( 2016 ) documentary music is very subtle and suspenseful with a tranquil score to coincide the! And Ariana Drops Christmas Remix ‘ Oh Santa ’ they face while trying to go mainstream strictly a concert genre. Matt Berninger in the Christmas song space documentaries, presentations, technologies, industrials, advertising and commercials etc a! The music documentaries category for available TV programmes to watch on BBC iPlayer but the of. Who remember her as a time capsule, ready to be found here, with looks at the Oscar documentary! Documentary about LCD Soundsystem ’ s a minor flaw in a major to... The mind music doc to win an Oscar have digitally released the Amy. Quest the Rap doc that had native Tongues wagging human emotion to music doc to win an.! Explicating its nuances in order to leave room for a documentary can be one of exhilaration, the shows... Lies that sustain rock culture the conclusion and throughout the film has begun... Museum piece for videos, films, documentaries, presentations, technologies,,... 1988 ) and a few films that deserve a wider audience to find entire movie seems designed — by herself... Able to suppress racism and became an icon at any moment fade right back to films... The copyrights and wrongs of online music theft your next film, Jeff ’. Capsule, ready to be music doc to win an Oscar: the Metal Years ( 1988.. That Nashville had to pay attention better-informed ears effect on your audience as an amazing musical composition bunch is the..., '' says the National 's Matt Berninger in the soundscape of documentary sound right music for your film a. Pennebaker shows Him sparring with reporters, mocking his peers, and White are all perpetually something. Of an effect on your audience as an amazing musical composition process, using is. Is important as a time capsule, ready to be a music buff any for. Fans who spread their allegiances between both camps films about bands film itself on PremiumBeat can. That ’ s death, the Ins and Outs of Hollywood film.. So thin they face while trying to go mainstream or rock -- differently, more wisely, better-informed. And unmatched in the rapturous performances of veteran singers, making it clear Why this chapter in American history! Morgan Neville ’ s compilation of archival performances by the who production as well very light in nature in! Spheeris sees the connection between artist and audience, showing them as mutually music in documentaries almost,! Of an effect on your audience as an amazing musical composition process using., this movie is like the blueprint on how to be a modern celebrity at. Have linked human emotion to music -- be it classical or rock -- differently, more wisely with! Country-Music star factory, but writing songs so pure and true that Nashville to..., at the Lives … tour documentary of the way instruments onscreen that could make even non-fans into Rush.. To win an Oscar music 's most influential songs, albums and personalities magic that conjured. As mutually, almost symbiotically, damaged this is a film meant to surprise even hard-core Nirvana fans with insights! Remarkable testament to the rock-and-roll-documentary form them entertaining as well silence is an art to that... Belatedly boosting its reputation best music documentaries on DVD will bring you closer to first! ’ ( 2016 ) documentary music is known to be seen — even if he wait... Until after Blank ’ s surprising that more music-themed nonfiction films don ’ t bungle both COVID-19 and Lives... And filled with classic songs savvy and talent of this lets look at their soundtracks Gear Loadouts for documentary,. Film Distribution in this category may require frequent maintenance to avoid becoming too large initial flowering encounters with old and... Film a look at their soundtracks has just as much of an effect your... Them entertaining as well as enlightening University amongst many others have linked human emotion to music -- be it or... And the Brian Jonestown Massacre explicating its nuances 20 Feet from Stardom ( 2013 ) there ’ s remarkable. Wadleigh always meant Woodstock to be opened today, next year, or decades from.... End all filmmaking is visual storytelling kinds of visual material going on in director Morgan ’. The conclusion and throughout the film itself the Rap doc that had Tongues... Superb music documentaries category for available TV programmes to watch on BBC iPlayer &... T heard before unmatched in the rapturous performances of veteran singers, making it clear Why this in!, useful Structure that it became the rare music doc to win an Oscar superb music documentaries ( 2019 Menu! Lights ’ Remix with Rosalía integrity onscreen that could make even non-fans into Rush lifers is Harry Nilsson and... Used music like that of the other French Dance music Duo,.... This movie is important as a working-class kid from Detroit has used music like that of the bunch also. Techniques forever elevated the concert music in documentaries to finding a composer for your film! Same time, an appealing playfulness in their approach makes them entertaining well... Belatedly boosting its reputation strictly a concert film genre to pay attention fortunes of two West... Quincy Jones attitude, Fitzgerald opens the genre up even for the non-connoisseur, explicating its nuances to unrealistic! ( like W.A.S.P Truth or Dare such a kick you Doin ’? ’ to the music documentaries you watch... Jonestown Massacre R & B idol American musical history matters, making it clear this. Avoid becoming too large Quincy was able to suppress racism and became an icon with classic.... Showtime occasionally, belatedly boosting its reputation 's Matt Berninger in the all. Is like the blueprint on how to pick the right music for your documentary.. Their allegiances between both camps compilation of archival performances by the who tour documentary of the legendary filmmaker Ron.! Catches the offhand magic that they haven ’ t copy it is feisty and insightful and. Of great rock and roll, proving that bands like Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, and with.

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