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While there are over 150 varieties of viburnum, one of the most popular is known as the "snowball bush." Sawing off up to 1/3 of the oldest, thickest branches to the ground will promote fresh, new growth. Two reasons why you might want to prune viburnums are first, to shape the shrub and second, to revive an overgrown specimen. By pruning away lower growth to expose gnarly inner trunks, rhododendrons make nice small trees, particularly if there are upstairs windows above. Steps to Pruning Overgrown Shrubs. However, old or overgrown shrubs may require some rejuvenation. It features attractive flowers. Prune these viburnums in late winter to aid plants in growing uniformly through the growing season. How do you prune an overgrown viburnum? ... but I do prune to about half some of the larger limbs every year. How to prune 2 mature viburnums. Viburnum opulus and Viburnum lantana - if they need pruning at all - can be kept under control, by cutting out 1 in 3 branches at near to ground level. Previously viburnums were included in the plant family Caprifoliaceae; however, recently they have been moved into the family Adoxaceae, along with elderberries (Sambucusspecies). What native plants are you growing this year. Is this considered overgrown? * Prune an overgrown rose into shape * Read this before you prune . Pruning in early spring also allows you to remove any tissues killed back by unusual winter cold. How to Prune Evergreen Shrubs and Juniper Trees, Missouri Botanical Garden: Viburnum Dentatum, University of Illinois Extension: Prune Shrubs on a Regular Basis, How to Trim Lilac, Rose of Sharon and Forsythia Bushes. Pruning Instructions. Pruning makes the plant healthy and gives flowers throughout the season while controlling its growth. Early Spring - Arborvitae can be cut down to the ground to form shrubs. Plants come in all shapes and sizes. Neither am I... usually. Those shrubs recommended for hedges , topiary or foliage often require regular trimming and tolerate heavier pruning. I have inherited a mature garden of 20 years plus. There is a Viburnum carlesii and a Viburnum farreri ( I think) which are 8 ft shrubs with about 4 thick stems each. This guide shows you how to hard prune or rejuvenate pruning shrubs and plants. Viburnum, for instance, is a flowering plant with simple lobed leaves. But if you feel the need to snip beyond that, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind: In addition, the flowers, if pollinated by a neighboring shrub, give way to blue-black berries in the autumn that birds love to feed on. It is a plant with one-fifty known species, plants that captivate the eye from a distance. Arrowwood viburnum--pruning for overgrown? Prune Korean spice viburnum immediately after flowering, in the late summer or early fall. Cut all the stems of an older, unruly arrowwood shrub that has not had regular pruning almost to ground level in early spring before new growth appears to rejuvenate it. How do I prune a viburnum? Sometimes shrubs become lanky if there is not enough sunlight. Therefore, annual pruning at the right time of the growing season is necessary to keep the arrowwood viburnum nicely shaped and in place. Prune Korean spice viburnum to maintain its shape and improve its health. Follow these Gardeners' World step-by-step guides to garden projects from the BBC. 2. These lovely tutorials on gardening will grow your green thumb and make your gardens grow healthful plants. How to Prune Viburnum. It has a significant amount of arrowwood viburnum, with long drooping branches that touch the ground. If you prune after the buds form, you reduce the flowers for the following year. Plant arrowwood viburnum in full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. Probably would be fuller and flower more if they got more sun. Most pruning is done for shaping purposes only. The arrowwood’s dense foliage and multiple-stemmed growth pattern make good harbor for bird nests. This allows you to plan its future growth and maintain it with proper, annual pruning in subsequent years. This should occur in early spring before the plant has flowered and new buds have appeared. If a plant has only one main stem, don’t cut it down! Its popular name comes from the fact that Native American populations are said to have used its straight stems as arrow shafts. They bloom on last year's wood, so pruning them in the spring or late winter will result in removing the very buds that are getting ready to … Each year, you remove 1/3 of the plant. Honeysuckle. Prune to thin or remove damaged branches immediately after flowering ceases. Hard prune your viburnum with aggressive cut back when you need to restructure the shape of the shrub or correct its interior branching architecture. I would then follow back to the ground the stems that are too long, and remove some completely. The plant also releases a sweet fragrance you can smell […] Trim back branches to shape the shrub as needed right after the majority of flower clusters wither away. When pruning shrubs that haven't been maintained, I like to take the gradual, multi-year approach. Where I garden in central Georgia, I usually cease pruning around July 4th, partly because that's an easy date to remember. Prune a viburnum plant, remove sideshoots. This way they get bushier over time while I still maintain some height. We have a number of Chindo Viburnums which have had little or no pruning since they were planted 10 years ago. For years I happily ran over any honeysuckles I found in winter with a pair of shears. You can prune out the “three D” offenders: dead, diseased, and damaged branches. Note the new branches forming at ground level. I like my arrowwood to grow tall and act as a screen, but I do prune to about half some of the larger limbs every year. Chris Beardshaw demonstrates how to prune an old viburnum, removing sideshoots and woody growth to reinvigorate the plant and encourage flowering. In late winter of the following year, select and retain several strong, healthy shoots to form the shrub framework and remove all the others at ground level. I would do that first to see what is remaining. Prune overgrown shrubs in early spring. Prune the upper stems of the arrowwood viburnum with sharp pruning shears or loppers within two weeks after it flowers in the summer because buds for the following year’s flowers will form during the summer. The second year, do the same with another third of the branches. The other overgrown viburnum needs less drastic renewal pruning over the next three or four seasons. One way to renew a large, overgrown lilac is to cut the entire plant back to within 6 to 8 inches of the ground in late winter (March or early April). I just don't want to prune midsummer if I'll risk loosing the plants. We are restoring our backyard wildlife habitat. Expect viburnum snowball bushes to blossom in May. For all species of multi-stemmed shrubs, the all-around best treatment is occasional to yearly renewal pruning. The above picture is the west boundary of our yard. To do this, cut about 2 inches (5.1 cm) off the ends of the plants where you want to control growth. I know that most people are not big fans of pruning a viburnum for size. Alternatively, I do happen to like pruning overgrown rhododendrons up and over rather than back into submission. The above picture is the west boundary of our yard. You can do this about 2-3 times over the season or as needed. Take out half the old stems that remain from pruning and prune back the other stems, depending on flowering time, as follows: In spring for shrubs with flowers that bloom July - February. Once you have completed renovation by overgrown shrub pruning, take the time every year to remove two or three of the older branches. Clip the new stems, or suckers, at the base of the arrowwood viburnum shrub as soon as they appear to keep the bush from spreading. This rounded shrub grows 6 to 10 feet high or more with a spread just as big. Done every three to five years, this extreme method of pruning can indeed rejuvenate an overgrown or misshapen shrub, just as the name implies. Pruning of overgrown Chindo Viburnums. Learn how to prune Viburnum davidii from renowned pruning guru Cass Turnbull, founder of PlantAmnesty. Paul Cappiello replies: The short answer is: Put the pruners away, and pull up a hammock. It is often used as a hedge or natural screen in landscaping. Attaining tree size at 12' by 12', clusters of tiny white flowers resembling snowballs cover … Maybe OP is still around? Now that you know when to prune your arborvitae, it is time to talk about how to prune it correctly. I found a Youtube video. Pruning. If you are having drought, I would wait for a soaking rain before starting the pruning. In this type of pruning, you select for removal the oldest, stoutest and most mature "canes", which you cut at ground level or as near to ground level as you can, without dinging up the remaining more juvenile stems. About 1-4 limbs per shrub, usually in late winter. That is because you will have to cut even some overgrown healthy stems and leaves of the plant. Remove the flower heads and cut back any branches that spoil the shape of the shrub to a pair of newly-sprouted leaves. This severe pruning will induce a large number of shoots to develop during the growing season. Remove all other stems at ground level and remove any side stems below a point of your choosing. Continue to lightly prune the tips of the plant throughout summer. The individual florets grow in clusters usually found at the ends … After flowering for shrubs with flowers that bloom April - July. Foliage: Dark green foliage with deeply pressed veins. Vibur­nums are wonderfully self-maintaining plants. Do you think using this method that I could lightly prune some of the dead undergrowth as well as some of the long, drooping branches at this time of year? They are not edible for humans, however. Their flowers range from sweetly fragrant to unpleasantly scented and are primarily creamy white, but can vary from white to pink. Do not remove more than one-third of the entire shrub during pruning. Her latest book, "A Travel for Taste: Germany," was published in 2015. Mow the suckers when you mow the lawn or snip them individually with sharp pruning shears. Pruning Arborvitae Down to the Ground to Form Shrubs. Instead, prune neglected, overgrown shrubs over three years. Viburnums do not require pruning, however, plants can be pruned for shaping purposes, to remove damaged or dead branches, and many taller growers can be pruned to form a very attractive single- or multi-trunk small tree. Each year, take out a third of the heaviest stems to start new growth developing. Please be assured that pruning will not kill your rose plant. Rejuvenation pruning, also called renewal pruning, involves cutting some types of shrubs almost down to the ground, leaving only 6 to 24 inches. Leaves flush red-purple in autumn before falling. They may … The Cultivation Process Viburnum is a plant with exotic foliage. How to Prune an Arborvitae. Prune the bush after the flowers bloom in spring. You can search " pruning Viburnum dentatum " to see results on the net. NEIL ROSS. This is THE most important, THE most painful and THE most elaborate step too. Viburnum tinus flowering wraps up in early April at the latest. Browse Gardening and Landscaping Stories on Houzz, Dislike junipers? Here is a link that might be useful: Youtube video pruning, Thanks for this post! the flower buds are formed in the previous year. Should I consider hard pruning to restore it and encourage more growth in the spring? About 1-4 limbs per shrub, usually in late winter. or chokeberry? Do this each year, always cutting out the older branches of course, and you will have a steady supply of new … Verbena can grow very quickly, so you may need to trim it back to control growth throughout the season. Thinning out of unsightly branches can help open these shrubs up as well. Cut the oldest shoots near the ground. Its clusters of tiny white flowers appear in late spring. Bioteach44 July 19, 2012. The deciduous arrowwood viburnum (Viburnum dentatum) grows easily in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 8. Take out all remaining old stems, and repeat pruning as in Year 2. Immediately after it flowers next spring, remove dead stems and suckers, and prune … By doing so, you are favoring the more vigorous younger stems, which will help with flower/fruit production in many cases, as well as helping to keep the plant a bit more manageable. Pruning Viburnum Snowball Bushes 1. Maybe it’s time to discover new varieties and new uses for this garden workhorse, Big enough for shade but small enough for easy care, these amiable trees mind their manners in a modest outdoor space, There are lots of gorgeous, wildlife-friendly native plants ready to make an appearance in your garden, Inspiration for dinner time under the stars, Inspiration for making that best pizza ever, These Aren’t Your Grandparents’ Junipers, Garden-Friendly Native Alternatives to Overplanted Exotics. Shape the growth above this point as a treetop. The exact procedure used will depend partly on why you are pruning and also on the species or variety of viburnum. Does it flower well for you? This solution for how to trim shrubs and bushes takes a bit longer but results in a larger, healthier shrub in the long run. Another pair of viburnums that benefits from pruning are Viburnum ‘Chindo’ and Viburnum awabuki. Also a photographer, she records adventures by camera, combining photos with journals in her blogs. I was considering a witch hazel in that area maybe? Prune the upper stems of the arrowwood viburnum with sharp pruning shears or loppers within two weeks after it... 3. All viburnums flower on old wood, i.e. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Year 3 onwards. Rejuvenation pruning works best on multi-stemmed, twiggy shrubs like spirea, dogwoods, and viburnums. This being said, you don't have to pinch or prune mums at all. Remove the oldest stems near the base to open the inside of the shrub and promote new growth, air circulation and light penetration. Head (cut) back the retained shoots to just above a bud to encourage branching. As the pruning video shows, don't leave bare stems sticking up. But we have just moved into a new house and I have three HUGE viburnum growing in a foundation bed in front of a side entry garage. JHW Posts: 2. Hard Pruning’s Three-Year Plan The first year, cut back one-third of the large, old branches to just about a few inches from the ground. How to Prune Arrowwood Viburnum 1. You can also do a midsummer pruning to keep these fast growing viburnums from getting out of hand. Viburnums range in height from 2 feet to 30 feet. When to Prune. Prune them to just above some leaves. All dead should be removed. The oldest branches are the thickest, woodiest ones. The plants are 14-16' in height and all have multiple thick trunks. As long as enough foliage remains, you don't risk losing it. Clip the new stems, or suckers, at the base of the arrowwood viburnum shrub as soon as they appear to keep the bush... 2. You sacrifice berry clusters if branch tips that just bloomed are trimmed away, but new growth that follows matures well before the onset of cold weather in autumn. December 2014 in Problem solving. Sorry for getting to this so late. Most of mine are growing in partially shade and still grow upright. We are restoring our backyard wildlife habitat. If you choose not to prune you might only get a short bloom period in summer, and it might be necessary to use plant supports to keep leggy stems from flopping over throughout the season. Deciduous Viburnum - whether winter, spring or summer flowering - also fall within pruning group 8 and can be lightly pruned after flowering unless berries are required. Train a young or rejuvenated arrowwood shrub into a small tree shape by selecting a strong, straight branch as a central trunk. I'd love for it to be about 10ft tall...but I want it to stand up, not droop! Asked January 22, 2017, 9:53 AM EST. Plants that are stressed or in poor health (for example, during drought conditions or if they’re diseased or plagued by insect pests) may not survive. This is not easy work by any means, but it will allow an older shrub to remain youthful and vigorous more or less indefinitely. Do not eat the berries of the arrowwood because they can upset your stomach. The right side of this photograph (white tipped leaves) is asian bush honeysuckle that is ready to be removed. Remember that removing the flower heads will preclude the formation of fruit, which can be very attractive in many viburnums. Pruning viburnums is not always necessary but when it is, you want to do … Hard pruning becomes necessary when shrubs become badly overgrown, damaged or otherwise misshapen. There are a few others we have marked in between as well. Karren Doll Tolliver holds a Bachelor of English from Mississippi University for Women and a CELTA teaching certificate from Akcent Language School in Prague.

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